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Everything is built on patterns

Patterns exist everywhere in our universe; from spiral wound galaxies and black holes, to the Nautilus, even our very DNA is constructed on patterns.  Everything is governed by geometrical and mathematical laws that create the vast patterns we see and take for granted every day.

Some of the greatest minds in history, such as Newton, Einstein and Planck, all came to the understanding that something far greater than our human intellect created not only us, but our entire perceivable universe, solely based on the patterns that they viewed. They understood that much order could not just randomly happen. As Max Planck said, something is bringing the atoms to a point of vibration, and  literally holding them in place, manipulating them into substances and images.

If it's true, that a higher intelligence is manipulating the very atoms like a master code writer, then it would stand to reason, that if what, or who we call God, created the universe and put in place all these laws that govern and regulate everything we see. If the bible is the book that is attributed to his direct involvement with humanity, shouldn't it be governed by natural laws and patterns that are as predictable as the mathematical world that surrounds us?" And so it is.


Unlocking the Greatest Mystery

From the very beginning, man has sought to understand the great universal mysteries that surround him. But, in his inability to explain them he was forced to personify them, thus those mysteries became the gods and goddesses of the ancient world.

And equally on the other side lies mans attempts to understand God take out the apostrophe on man. Man has for countless years tried to explain the great mysteries of the text that was left behind for him. But, without sufficient clarity and insight into the Bibles' allegoric symbolism, he, like ancient man, substituted those mysteries with insufficient explanations.

"Yet man is man, and ever fated to search out beyond himself, striving to attain things which always just elude his grasp. So in his frustrations he replaces the dimly seen incomprehensible with things that are within his understanding. If these things but poorly reflect reality, distorted though it may be, of great value than no reflection at all." The Kolbrin Bible, that is until now. The pattern opens the door to the great mysteries of the Bible, another level to interpreting the Bible. It will change the way you see the Bible forever.

That is until now; the pattern opens the door to the great mysteries of the Bible. It is another level to interpreting the Bible. It will change the way you see the Bible forever.






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